Built-in Open Fires – The Tortoise Firebox – a beautiful open fire to build into your home.

• 8 sizes to cater for any situation
• we offer a unique bespoke open fire service
• made-to-measure open fires to your specification
• hole-in-the-wall or hearth level fire installation
• choice of frame & firebar option
• simple installation & operation
• the solution for smoky fireplaces
• hand-made here in Kent & guaranteed for life
The classic simple styling of the Tortoise Built-In Firebox, available in the widest selection of sizes, is perfectly suited to so many situations – they’ve been gently house-warming for more than 25 years. If a standard size doesn’t quite fit the bill, we offer a unique made-to-measure service which can be a cost-effective and less intrusive option than having to alter an existing opening. Happy to burn the fuel of your choice – wood, coal or gas, straightforward to install, with most existing chimneys being suitable, the Tortoise open convector fire has to be a front runner.


These pictures show the Tortoise built-in Firebox. The top picture is a Model 3 built-in Firebox burning solid fuel. and the lower picture is a Model 1A built-in Firebox .

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