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The picture shows a Bespoke 1.4 mtr. wide Open Firebox standing beside a standard Model 1A

BespokeConvector Open Fires – our unique made-to-measure service

All of our open fires styles are produced in an extensive range of stock sizes. In a new build situation, the fireplace opening would normally be designed and constructed to take a model from our standard range, making installation very straightforward.

We realise that when measuring up for one of our open fires to fit into an existing fireplace opening, there may be a size compatibility issue if trying to use a stock firebox. If the opening can be altered to take one of our standard size boxes without too much work, all well and good. However, altering an existing fireplace may not be an option because of structural or design considerations. In that case, the solution would be for us to make a bespoke fire that will fit the existing location without the expense and mess that having building works done always brings.

We are always happy to discuss customers specific size or style requirements and have had many years experience in making bespoke fires. Do call us or send a message, preferably with a sketch or pictures, we may well be able to offer a simple speedy solution.