All Flamewave Open Fires are supplied in protective packaging and with a set of comprehensive User & Installation Instructions.
All Fireboxes are designed to burn wood and apart from the very largest, they are able to burn solid fuel or gas as well. They must be installed into a chimney system with the correct dimensions and which is designed for use with solid fuel. This requirement includes Fireboxes which will only be used with gas. A dedicated combustion air supply to the room must be provided if not already present and the required air supply sizes and chimney dimensions are given in our brochure.

Our fires do not require a lined chimney to function correctly and many existing chimneys will be perfectly satisfactory. You should however always take specialist advice on the condition of your chimney so that if any remedial work is necessary, it can be carried out prior to installation. Chimneys should always be cleaned prior to installation. It is not normally necessary to provide any additional sweeping access as the chimney can simply be accessed through the fire, like a conventional open fire – your chimney sweep will be familiar with our products.

AsĀ  stated in the instructions, it is very important that built-in boxes are installed into an opening which gives some room for expansion. As a guide, the opening should be at least 10mm bigger than the box on all sides and it is usually a good idea to have the box on site before the hole is prepared.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, we are always happy to advise.

Download the installation instructions here

The picture below shows a Bespoke 1.4 mtr. wide Open Firebox standing beside a standard Model 1Afirebox bigsmall