firebox detail


All Tortoise, Cleanline and Arc open convector fires are built to the very highest standards in our factory here in Kent. Our fully welded Firebox construction method uses a combination of heavy 2, 3 and 5mm. steel plate which is then reinforced inside the fire chamber with additional layers of 5mm. steel where appropriate.

Many years experience of making these fires gives us the confidence to guarantee the main body of the fire for life and we will either repair or replace the firebox, without question, as appropriate. This conditional guarantee applies to the original purchaser and to the initial installation site. It is subject to the fire having been installed and used in strict accordance with the supplied instructions.

Accessories are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. Replaceable elements within the burning area of the fire i.e. multi-fuel grates, fuel retaining bars, ash trays and firebricks are considered to be consumables, their lifetime being use dependent. Our guarantee does not cover the costs involved with the removal and/or re-installation of any firebox repaired or replaced under this guarantee.